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Powering Technology Through

IT Consulting IT Staffing and Internet of things (IoT)

IT Staffing

Insigma Inc. has proven experience in providing high quality, on-demand, comprehensive staffing augmentation and recruitment services to its clients. We are in the business of finding you the right talent at the right time.

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IT Consulting

We provide comprehensive solutions for solving business problems through outsourced software application design and development. Our services include Business & Systems Analysis, Web Application Development, Client-Server Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Quality Assurance.

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Onsite, Offsite and Hybrid

Insigma successfully provides onsite, offsite and hybrid project teams to clients. The hybrid delivery model combines onsite and offsite delivery for superior results at greatly reduced costs.

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The fastest and most flexible business application development framework!

Paralix is a result of six years of intense research and development and encapsulates the industries best ideas into a ground breaking application development framework.

The framework is built to speed up the development and delivery for almost any type of web or mobile application. It does so by minimising effort through clean design, less code and best practices. Simplicity along with extensibility is at the heart of Paralix, which in turn brings robustness and scalability. A number of case studies and success stories later, Paralix is finally ready making its debut.


The iOte product line helps you build bridge bridges between hardware and software, between devices and the cloud, between things and other things. We make the internet of things, anywhere.

Imagine, you step inside Walmart and your phone is transformed into a personalized shopping list based on your preferences, prior purchases and deals that will appeal to you most. You stand in front of a movie poster, and your phone greets you with an option to buy tickets with a single tap. You walk through a conference, collect information about and bookmark companies that interest you or tap on your phone request an exhibitor to contact you. You get to a hotel where the receptionist greets you and hands you your room keys, all without requesting any information.

Clients & Testimonials

Insigma Inc. is always delighted to deliver quality and sustainable solutions to its client. While powering a number of processes across a wide range of industry we get a lot of compliments for our work.

“Insigma guys brought a favourable change in our processes, what they actually did was to deliver much needed practical engineering support to make the product a reality and bring innovation to what was previously a staid, lacklustre category.”

Brian EllisTailored Logistics

“Insigma’s team consists of some of the brightest people in the industry; I have worked with a number of knowledgeable and experienced people in the area of IT, but have found Team Insigma immensely results driven.”

Gopal RamakrishnanSTERIS Corp

“Working with Insigma was really good… we realised that we would get everything we were looking in our ITS project and even more much before they delivered the final plan. We got a strong process and framework and the job was handled in a very professional way. “

Katie Chang Benten Technologies

Insigma Simplying IT
Insigma, Inc. is focused at helping businesses maximize their operational efficiency and streamline their business processes by providing cutting edge software solutions that are tailored to each individual company's specific needs.
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